585:IMF, BIS, Digital Euro & UK Crypto-Latest Developments

The Crypto Overnighter

21-06-2023 • 14分


Episode 585:

  • IMF's New Cross-Border Payment System
  • BIS Proposes Unified Ledger
  • Slovakia Preps for Digital Euro and More

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IMF's New Cross-Border Payment System - The IMF proposes a tokenized asset-based XC platform for cross-border transactions, offering benefits of lower fees, faster transactions, and improved information management.

BIS Proposes Unified Ledger - The BIS suggests a unified electronic ledger integrating CBDCs and tokenized assets to improve the global financial system, streamlining transactions and reducing costs.

Slovakia Preps for Digital Euro - Slovakia's parliament supports legislation protecting the right to use cash amidst the digital euro's introduction, addressing concerns about a potential cashless society.

EU Delays Digital Euro Legislation - The EU postpones digital euro legislation due to leaked drafts and discussions among finance ministers, emphasizing the need for a compelling narrative and assessing its added value.

UK's FSMB Advances - The UK's FSMB gains approval, treating all cryptocurrencies as regulated activities and introducing measures for supervision, reflecting progress in crypto regulation.

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