Episode 266: Pakistan’s Prodigal Prime Minister Returns

Fault Lines

23-10-2023 • 8分

Today, Les, Jess, and Jamil discuss the former 3-time Prime Minister of Pakistan, Nawaz Sharif’s return from his self-imposed exile, and lo’ and behold, even though he's banned from holding public office, his lawyers are confident he can be elected as the country's next Prime Minister. This comes as Pakistan is in its worst economic crisis ever, the previous Prime Minister is also facing corruption charges, a “caretaker” Prime Minister is making deals with China, and Sharif’s party is losing popularity all the while dealing with its own Taliban insurgency.

Is the Pakistan military giving Sharif the green light to run for Prime Minister? Who is really calling the shots in the Pakistan government? How might the chaotic hold-up in Congress benefit Pakistan?

Hear our experts debate these issues and more in 10 minutes on our latest episode of Fault Lines!

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