ABW 86 – Sales Integrity in the Snake Pit: Moving in the Opposite Spirit

A Better Way

19-03-2021 • 54分

Sometimes the business world can feel like a "snake pit": a nasty, cut-throat environment where people will say and do almost anything to make a sale. As Kingdom-minded Believers, how do we conduct ourselves in this dark and ultra-competitive environment? By "moving in the opposite spirit": going against the grain of the culture by treating clients–and even competitors–the way we'd want to be treated. In practice, this can seem  totally crazy and scary; requiring a deep trust in God.

Jonathan Wield (Managing Partner of Unbridled Wealthandprevious podcastguest) shares compelling testimonies of what this can look like. With an uncompromising integrity-first sales approach, Jonathan and Unbridled Wealth are top financial industry sales leaders, as well as a shining light in the darkness. That light is what led me personally to become not only a client, but now also a full-time Advisor with Unbridled. You don't want to miss this powerful episode!

You can learn more about using the "Infinite Banking Concept" (IBC) from Unbridled Wealth's recent BUSINESS REIMAGINEDwebinar.

You can connect with Jonathan at UPPERROOM Denver, Unbridled Wealth, or JWield@Unbridled.com.