Securing Your Future in Sales: Navigating Uncertainty and Embracing Accountability| SOS Ep. 344

Surviving Outside Sales

29-08-2023 • 10分

Here's a hard truth: no one is irreplaceable, even Jamie Foxx, who was swapped out for a body double mid-film due to illness. Companies, as I learned the hard way in my pharmaceutical career, often prioritize their bottom line over some of their most loyal employees. I've seen top sales reps denied transfers and quickly replaced. It's a stark reminder that in the world of sales, it's essential to take control and secure your own future. Prepare for uncertainties, keep an eye out for opportunities outside of your primary job, and consider a side hustle.

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- Experienced, but have lacked training and business development
- Seasoned but feel like you have hit your ceiling and need a reboot

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