Sailing into Success Crafting Dynamic Sales Plans for a Prosperous 2024 | SOS Ep. 361

Surviving Outside Sales

01-01-2024 • 31分

Have you ever stood at the precipice of change, heart pounding with the exhilaration of a new venture?

That's where my journey took me as I embarked on the daunting task of launching a health and wellness franchise. It was a test of resilience and a lesson in the importance of health as we sail through the years. In this rollercoaster update, I lay bare the hurdles of early business challenges, from market shifts to real estate woes, and the profound shift from passive investment to active involvement. My gratitude runs deep for your support, and I'm eager to share the wisdom gleaned from consistency and presence, keystones for sustaining success no matter the playing field.

The winds of change didn't just bring a new business; they heralded a transformative professional shift that demanded my all. Picture this: a single nugget of wisdom from a conference, igniting a whole new focus for my career. Tough choices were on the horizon—sunsetting clients, pausing the podcast, causing ripples of concern in my network—but they were necessary. This episode takes you through the art of balancing commitments and the finesse required to delegate effectively. And when personal loss and overwhelming workloads tried to break my spirit, I emerged as an advocate for the power of embracing challenges, armed with confidence and unafraid to fail.

As we look ahead to 2024, let's arm ourselves with a strategy for triumph. It's about more than setting goals—it's about embracing a growth mindset and understanding the changing tides of our market. In this candid wrap-up, I go beyond just the sales tactics to delve into product knowledge and client engagement that can elevate your game from good to exceptional. Let's continue this journey together on LinkedIn, where we can strengthen our professional ties and share strategies that surge us forward. Here's to a year of seizing opportunities and achieving greatness, with you by my side.

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