Reshaping Your Career: The Transition from Stagnation to Outside Sales | SOS Ep. 352

Surviving Outside Sales

12-09-2023 • 8分

Are you rising with the sun, eager to tackle your workday or are you caught in the churning tides of stagnation?

As your host, I, Mike O’Kelly, discuss the powerful question of when it's appropriate to consider a career change. If you're not bounding into Mondays with drive and vigor or if you're not excited about initiating positive changes for your clients or prospects, it might be time to cast a wider net. Chasing money alone won't lead to fulfillment; it's just as crucial to challenge yourself, to grow, and to constantly evaluate if you're escalating or sinking in your current position.

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If you are in outside sales and have had any of the following:

- New to Outside Sales
- New to an industry, new product, new territory - any type of change
- Experienced, but have lacked training and business development
- Seasoned but feel like you have hit your ceiling and need a reboot

If any of those descriptions sound like you or someone you know,

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