Archeological Story: The Dutch Trading Ship And An Archeologist vs. Treasure Hunter | S2E11

The Dive Table

25-07-2023 • 9分

Jay recalls a story of financial trading on the high seas and the discussion turns to the topic of when is someone an archeologist or just a treasure hunter? Does it boil down to the motive? The Dive Table Fish Dive Surf, Inc. Gardner Underwater --- Send in a voice message: If you enjoyed this episode and want to be a part of this growing community, you can join us in a couple of ways:  Subscribe to the podcast so you get notified when new episodes drop; Leave a rating wherever you listen to your podcasts; Send the link to the show; to a dive buddy, your dive team, or your last scuba instructor. Share your thoughts with us by leaving us a voicemail here on our website or say howdy. Also visit us at, --- Send in a voice message: