An Indigenous Woman's Struggle to Survive - "Jessica"

Indictment: The Criminal Justice System on Trial

12-09-2023 • 40分

Content Note: Graphic depictions of physical and sexual violence against an Indigenous woman and her children, violence-induced miscarriage; mental health challenges; suicide; homicidal ideation; child pornography; failure of police, medical, social services to provide support; racism and colonial violence against Indigenous people, including MMIWG2S. Click here for mental health support resources.

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"The Notion" by Northern Points (Intro)

"Finding Evidence" by Mark Fabian

"Midnight" by Lexin Music

APTN News, "Stats Can says two-thirds of Indigenous women experience violence or sexual assault"

"Sad Violin" by Music for Videos

"Dramatic Atmosphere with Piano and Violin" by Universfield

"A Slow Morning" by Vesper Tapes

CBC News - The National, "Inquiry into MMIWG issues final report, sweeping calls for change"

"Top Secret Files" by Musicalman

"Tense Sad Piano" by Ashot-Danielyan-Composer

"Tense Detective Looped Drone" by Daddy's Music

CBC News - The National, "Government’s inaction on MMIWG report criticized"

"Machines Control" by Francesco D'Andrea

CBC News, "How Canada is dealing with court delays"

"Newborn Earth" by INPLUSMUSIC

"A Call to the Soul" by Markotopa

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