Tom Petty: Coolest Conversations Throwback 03-18-16

Little Steven's Underground Garage - Coolest Conversations

23-10-2019 • 19分

“Coolest Conversations” can be heard every Friday on the Mighty Manfred program SiriusXM Ch.21.  It’s that series of interviews with artists who have earned themselves a “Coolest Song In The World” designation.

For this throwback episode, Manfred’s guest was Tom Petty. We share this throwback episode as we celebrate Tom's birthday October 20th.
Tom discussed his work with The Shelters, his love of The Zombies and hisSiriusXM Channel, Tom Petty's Buried Treasure.

Join Tom Petty with Mighty Manfred on this Coolest Conversations throwback in Little Steven’s Underground Garage.