Episode 03: THE HOMESTEADER +13 Years MA in Philosophy

Life After Philosophy

19-06-2023 • 27分

Brian Fink is a homesteader, goat farmer, and middle school teacher in Michigan. He earned an M.A. in Philosophical Studies from Mount St. Mary's University (Class of 2010), and is a former seminarian. Topics Dicussed: living an integrated life, applied philosophy, freedom, benefits of still reading philosophy, advice for anxious zoomers, and philosophy as an antidote to modern malaise. The video series about Josef Pieper that I mention is here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLPCGA67J8M2I5S9ja7bi5P4sgLKga11QB Brian is online at https://twitter.com/b_fink and https://bfink.substack.com/.