Episode 06: Neil Ducoff - A Talk about a Bike, Business and Courage

Pro Beauty Talks

27-06-2018 • 54分

Neil Ducoff, CEO, and Founder of Strategies is an accomplished author, speaker, consultant, and coach in the beauty industry. He is also a passionate cyclist. In this episode, Neil shares details of the horrific accident he had last year when he was struck by a car while riding his bike. He talks about overcoming physical adversity, his miraculous recovery, and the connectivity between being tenacious and courageous in your business life and your personal life. Watch for a 6 part series from Neil exclusively here on Pro Beauty Talks beginning August 1st and running for 6 consecutive Wednesdays that provides insight and advice into some of the most important aspects of salon management in today's world. For more information about Neil Ducoff please visit our website at www.probeautytalks.com