Plan your social media for 2024 - with Amy Atkinson

Bring Your Product Idea to Life

15-12-2023 • 43分

Amy is a social media and digital marketing coach specialising in working with small to medium sized service based businesses. Amy reached a full client roster and six figures in her business all in a year after coming back from maternity leave, working four days a week. It's Amy's mission to help clients see growth in client sales, prospects, reach, and warm leads and engagement through sharing her knowledge and expertise.

While Amy mainly works with service based businesses, today I've invited her on to share advice about social media planning and content strategy for product businesses in 2024.

Amy offered really valuable insights into mapping out social media over the next year - from identifying relevant channels and navigating trends to determining the types of content and campaigns to prioritise each month. Whether you meticulously plan out every social media post or take a more spontaneous approach, there is lots here to take away and use in 2024.

  • An introduction to herself and her business (02:07)
  • Why you should start thinking about your 2024 social media now (02:43)
  • Working out your key dates for the year ahead (04:09)
  • What to do if you have a month where it looks like you won’t have something to talk about (08:54)
  • The power of relaunching products and services (10:54)
  • How often you should be posting about your products, and the mix of posts you should be sharing (12:26)
  • The importance of using Instagram stories (13:51)
  • Deciding which channels to focus on (18:18)
  • Using Google Analytics to make strategic choices about which social media channels are working for you (22:39)
  • Navigating social media trends like Threads (26:52)
  • Using micro influencers (38:49)
  • Her number one piece of social media advice for product creators (39:36)

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