Re-release - Should you sell your product on Amazon?

Bring Your Product Idea to Life

29-12-2023 • 26分

Welcome back. This week, we're revisiting a previous episode for two main reasons. First, it's the holiday season, and I know many of you are enjoying the break or are quite busy. It didn't seem like the perfect moment to introduce something new. Second, as the year wraps up and we look forward to a fresh start, it's an excellent time for businesses to reflect and plan. If you've been thinking about starting to sell on Amazon or improving your existing efforts there, this episode is for you.

I work closely with many Amazon sellers, guiding them through setting up and enhancing their presence. I've seen great successes, but I've also seen challenges, often beyond the seller's control. That's why this episode is all about understanding if Amazon is the right marketplace for you. We'll talk about how to figure that out and what factors you should consider before diving in. So, whether you're unwinding during the holidays or gearing up for the new year, this episode could provide valuable insights for your business journey in 2024.

Listen in to hear me share:

  • An introduction to  me and why I wanted to record this episode (01:28)
  • Why Amazon is an appealing place to sell your products (05:32)
  • The advantages of FBA (fulfilled by Amazon) (08:19)
  • Accessing a global market (09:20)
  • Things that aren’t so great about Amazon, seller support (10:19)
  • Things that aren’t so great about Amazon, there is a lot of competition (11:42)
  • Product listing rules you need to adhere to (13:04)
  • The sort of products that Amazon works well for (14:43)
  • The importance of researching the market and your competition (17:04)
  • Free tools you can use (17:51)
  • How I can help you get started with selling on Amazon (21:13)

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I have written a blog post to accompany this episode, which you can read here

FBA Revenue Calculator

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