How to get your own PR in 2024 - with Rosie Davies-Smith - PR Dispatch

Bring Your Product Idea to Life

09-02-2024 • 35分

Today’s podcast guest is Rosie Davies-Smith. PR agencies have led clients to believe they're the only ones who can do what they do. Rosie made it her mission to prove them wrong. After running her own agency for over a decade, she founded PR Dispatch, a platform which powers in-house teams to become the PR experts.  Since then, over 500 brands have been given the training, expertise and contacts they need to take control of their PR in house and secure their own coverage at just 3 percent of the cost of a PR agency.

Rosie shares her expert advice on what really matters in PR (hint - good imagery!) and the variety of publications to pitch to. She'll provide you with actionable strategies to handle your PR efforts independently, reducing the need for external agencies.  This episode is a must-listen for anyone prioritising brand exposure for their products in 2024.

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