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27-10-2023 • 41分

At what stage for you move from packing your orders on the kitchen table to using an order fulfilment centre? Today’s podcast guest is Sam Anderson, the founder Order Fulfilment Experts who providing product owners and ecommerce businesses with smart and reliable order fulfilment services, so you can focus on other aspects of your business and continue to grow.

Order Fulfilment Experts can send orders business to customer, or business to business, help you prep your products to be sent to Amazon and more.

Sam explains when you should start looking at using a fulfilment company, and the benefits it can bring. There is no need to sacrifice bespoke packaging, Sam shares how this has been a key way companies stand out from the crowd, and the sort of personalised packaging that they can provide. We discussed managing logistical challenges, and some of the common mistakes she sees businesses make from over ordering stock to spreading themselves too thin across too many sales channels.

This episode is absolutely packed full of useful information and tips, and I can’t wait for you to listen.

Listen in to hear Sam share:

  • An introduction to herself and her business (01:37)
  • Working with different size businesses, and ensuring they can support small businesses (02:15)
  • When to look at outsourcing order fulfilment (03:56)
  • The importance of building fulfilment costs into your prices and margin (06:28)
  • Benefits of using a fulfilment centre (07:35)
  • Examples of the types of bespoke packaging fulfilment centres can do (10:20)
  • The importance of bespoke and standing out from the crowd in ecommerce (14:50)
  • The psychological challenges of scaling your business and starting to outsource (15:49)
  • The differences between fulfilling orders Business to Customer and Business to Business (18:36)
  • How they help their clients manage their stock, and why they encourage them not to have too much (19:51)
  • Dealing with logistical challenges such as the problems in the Suez Canal and Royal Mail strikes (23:33)
  • Supplying products to Amazon, and ensuring that they conform to Amazon requirements of how it is sent (28:43)
  • Tips for starting to supply to new territories and mistakes to avoid (34:46)
  • The importance of not diluting your efforts by trying to sell on too many channels, but instead focusing on getting one right (36:28)
  • Her number one piece of logistical advice when running an ecommerce business (39:38)


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