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20-10-2023 • 30分

Today on the podcast, I'm speaking to Mark Morton.

Mark is the founder of Journalise, which provides journals for mental health and wellness self care, as well as information on all aspects of mental health and wellness through his website and blog content. Mark's goal is to normalise mental health self care and ensure everyone understands and can access the appropriate tools and support whenever needed.

Mark shares how his own search for tools and resources to support his mental wellbeing made him realise there was a gap in the market for a journal that addressed these things, and wasn’t specifically aimed at women.

We discuss the pros and cons of using UK based vs Overseas Printers, and how using a ‘try before you buy’ digital sample offer on his website has increased sales.

There are lots of tips to take away, including the power of sharing your story when building a product brand.

Listen in to hear Mark share:

  • An introduction to himself and his business (01:36)
  • What the journals consist of, and how they provide prompts if you are new to journalling (02:41)
  • The benefits of journaling (04:11)
  • What inspired him to create the journals (05:33)
  • Identifying a gap in the market, and creating journals aimed more towards men (07:11)
  • Supporting men’s mental health (09:50)
  • Why the journals are undated (13:30)
  • The design process for the journals (14:42)
  • Finding a printer (18:36)
  • Selling a combination of printed and digital products, and letting people ‘try out’ the journals (20:09)
  • How the try before you buy offer converts (23:25)
  • The power of sharing the person behind the product in your marketing (25:01)
  • His number one piece of advice for product creators (26:38)


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