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26-01-2024 • 37分

Today I'm speaking with Maame Sapong from Purscents. Maame creates luxury home fragrances like candles, reed diffusers and other aromatherapy scented products. Her commitment goes merely beyond creating delightful scents. She's also dedicated to establishing a sustainable brand that strives to make a meaningful and possible impact within the candle industry.

We had a great conversation about how she juggles building a product business whilst in a full time job, how she decides what to outsource and invest in, and what she can do herself, and the importance of pacing yourself in the early days. Maame also shares fascinating insights into how she makes her candles, how she ensures they are sustainable as possible, and how her first hand experiences in Ghana seeing the impact of plastic waste and flooding have renewed her commitment to making sure her business is ethical and environmentally conscious.

  • An introduction to herself and her businesses (01:26)
  • The inspiration for creating her business (01:54)
  • The steps she has taken to ensure her products are sustainable and ethical (04:40)
  • Building a product business whilst working a full time job (10:07)
  • Learning to outsource (13:51)
  • Deciding where to invest in her business (for instance photography) and where to save money (20:03)
  • The importance of pacing yourself in the early days (21:22)
  • Her experiences at Top Drawer (24:04)
  • Championing sustainability by creating candle refills (25:34)
  • How her first hand experiences in Ghana seeing the impact of plastic waste and flooding have informed her business values (31:39)
  • Her number one piece of advice for product creators (33:56)

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