Down on the Farm

James Blundell

Join Australian country music star James Blundell as he discusses religion, politics, music, and stories that shaped them from special guests from all walks of life. read less
Wayne Gillespie
Wayne Gillespie
PUNKTURED MEDIA PROUDLY PRESENTS: DOWN ON THE FARM EP 2 The Psychology of FameJAMES BLUNDELL delves deep into the psyche of could have been, should have been, once were and still are rock stars with acclaimed Kiwi singer-songwriterand psychologist WAYNE GILLESPIE.From detailing the map of the human heart with his finely honed songs of life, love, and loss, to his work as a counselling psychologist WAYNE GILLESPIE shares his compelling story and hilarious insights on The Psychology of Fame, Ep 2 of Down on The Farm.Email Wayne Gillespie at WaywardMusic - waywardmusicsongs@gmail.comWayne Gillespie & Famous Blue Raincoat website - Blue Raincoat and Wayne Gillespie Facebook - Gillespie/Wayward Music - YouTubeChannel - Gillespie Apple Music - Gillespie Spotify - Gillespie Music on Your preferred Platform - to our sponsors:Aussie Legends Hemp - Outback Clothing - Belt Retreat - on Spotify: up on Socials:Facebook: