Smoke and Mirrors S.24 Ep.34

A Date With Dateline

23-08-2023 • 1時間 10分

In Dateline’s classic SMOKE AND MIRRORS, when a beloved young woman disappears, her loving family isn’t going to rest until she’s found. Their family is so big they’ve got full siblings, half siblings, 3/4 siblings once removed, an Ashley and an Ashlee! The one thing they don’t have is a Lean King, so thank goodness Keith Morrison is there to walk us through this case featuring several vacant parking lots, Gucci shoes, a shopping trip to Target in matching clothes, and some bright little baubles. Grab a can of turtle wax and remember to always Be Your Own Bentley! Watch on Peacock (Season 24, Episode 34) Official Description from NBCU: When a Chicago woman from a big family goes missing, investigators begin to suspect a man in her life is full of secrets. Keith Morrison reports.  The episode is dedicated to a very special Patroni, Stella! We love you and are sending you so much love and strength! Everyone wish her lots of gentle hugs and healing! An easy way to support the podcast is by shopping with our sponsors! Humble brag: Kimberly just got $9.23 back from her latest Postmates order on Ibotta! Jealous? Sign up now! Right now, Ibotta is offering our listeners $5 just for trying Ibotta by using the code DATEDATELINE when you register. Learn how to discuss Dateline in a new language! Here’s a special limited time deal for our listeners to get you started right now, get 55% off your Babbel subscription at! Gracias Babbel Get your hormones in check! Mixhers is giving 15% sitewide for the month of August for their birthday sale, but you can get an additional $5 off! Go to and use code DATEDATELINE for an additional $5 off your first purchase! We’re collecting as many goodr sunglasses as we can for the summer and fall! Send use pictures of your favorite pairs! Goodr offers a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee and 100% Satisfaction. Find your pair at DATEDATELINE and use code DATEDATELINE to get FREE shipping! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit