The Secrets of Cottonwood Creek S.22 Ep.40

A Date With Dateline

02-08-2023 • 1時間 31分

Get ready to wade into some murky Dateline waters where the truth behind accident or murder is hidden in THE SECRET OF COTTONWOOD CREEK. Yet another husband thinks a cliff is a preferable way to end his marriage instead of a more traditional divorce. Or did he? Andrea Canning has her waders on and is guiding us through some not-so-technical dummy reenactments and braves the steep cliffside to interview a sheriff with a mustache and possible tunnel vision. But what Sparked all the controversy in this case? Find out with K & K in The Secret of Cottonwood Creek: Who’s the Dummy Now?  Official Description from NBCU: During a weekend away, a longtime married couple go on an afternoon hike that ends in tragedy; a multitude of evidence makes the mystery hard to untangle. Andrea Canning reports.  This episode is dedicated to two very special Supercast Superstars, Karen B and Joanne P! No chance of a mistrial here! The jury is in and the verdict is you two are to be the BEST. Thank you for helping make our show possible! We appreciate our sponsors more than we can say! Show them some love and get some great deals at the same time! Want to prove that you love your cats as much as Katie loves hers? Feed them Smalls! Katie’s cats RUN to the kitchen when it’s dinner time now, thanks to Smalls. And if you know size beautiful Bruce, you know he doesn’t usually run. So head to and use promo code DATEDATELINE at checkout for 50% off your first order PLUS free shipping! Summer is hot so keep your meal routine cool with Hello Fresh!!! Go to  and and use code dateline50 for 50% off plus free shipping! Send us pictures of your delicious creations! We LOVE our Bombas socks, underwear, and shirts, and we love that Bombas donates items every time you buy one! Go to and use code datedateline for 20 percent off your first purchase! Bombafy your wardrobe today! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit