Losing Faith S.32. Ep.1

A Date With Dateline

04-10-2023 • 1時間 36分

Season 32 of Dateline is upon us and Josh Mankiewicz is starting out the season strong, reporting from Texas in all his pocket squared glory in LOSING FAITH. The case revolves around a Hawaiian shirt sporting husband, a purple heart receiving veteran and the speech therapist they both love. Kimberly and Katie, fresh from CrimeCon, have to dissect some suspiciously organized sensual emails, a suspiciously gift laden funeral and some seriously suspicious long lost sibling data that Kimberly has been storing in her mental bank for years. So stop texting that pilot/surgeon and get ready for this bananas season premiere with A DATE WITH DATELINE: Matchbook 20 Years to Life! Official Description from NBCU: Josh Mankiewicz reports on the fatal shooting of Jamie Faith, who was brazenly gunned down while he and his wife were taking their dog for her morning walk outside their Dallas home. This episode is dedicated to our wonderful Patroni Abril and Hallie! Your love book is on the way! Check out our wonderful sponsors and support the podcast! Fall into an easy meal routine that fits into your busy life! Go to HelloFresh.com/50dateline and use code 50dateline for 50% off plus free shipping! HELLO? FRESH! Sign up for Babbel with Kimberly and complain about the criminals on Dateline in another language!! Get 55% off your Babbel subscription - but only for our listeners - at babbel.com/DATEDATELINE ! Gracias, Babbel! Get cozy with Bombas this winter! Go to bombas.com/datedateline and use code datedateline for 20 percent off your first purchase! Makes a great gift and does some good too! Follow THIS IS ACTUALLY HAPPENING on the Wondery app or wherever you get your podcasts, and you can listen to THIS IS ACTUALLY HAPPENING ad free on Wondery Plus! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices