Phrogging: Hider in My House S.1 Ep.1b - CLOSET CREEPER

A Date With Dateline

09-08-2023 • 1時間 3分

It’s time for more PHROGGING: HIDER IN MY HOUSE! But don’t be aphraid, because Kimberly and Katie are walking you through all the jump scares from the saphety of their lilypads. In Episode 1, Part B of this Lifetime series, three college roommates are the victims of either a phriendly ghost trying to find a new girl squad, OR a phashion phorward phrog who, just like all of us, only wants to feel pretty. We hope you enjoy our lately leap into the phrogging genre! Check your walls, check your attic and now double check your closet because phroggy might be in the market for a new pair of sensible work heels! Lifetime’s Phrogging: Hider in my House Episode 1: Bump in the Night Part B: Closet Creeper We love our sponsors and we hope that you do too! Travel in style by making BÉIS the basis of your luggage set. These bags are gorgeous and make us feel and look like we are classy, stylish, and have our lives completely together! It might not be true but it looks like it! There’s a reason Béis has over 30,000 five star reviews! Check them out today! Right now, BÉIS is offering our listeners 15% off your first purchase by visiting Discover your inner detective in the roaring 20s when you download JUNE’S JOURNEY for free today on iOS and Android. It’s a thrilling plot fueled hidden object game that Kimberly is hooked on! Let her know where you are in the mystery! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit