The Mystery on Horseshoe Drive S.19 Ep.5

A Date With Dateline

16-08-2023 • 1時間 25分

In the Dateline classic MYSTERY ON HORSESHOE DRIVE, mystery host Rob Stafford is emerging out of the Illinois corn fields to bring us the wild story of a custody battle gone not just wrong, but Dateline Wrong. Is this story of a doting dad killed by his grandma-in-law the next case for Elder Skelter? Or is there someone else behind this case of supposed self defense? Grab your random friend from the track team ten years ago, and join Kimberly and Katie as they race to solve this case before the suspects flee to (where else?) Florida! It’s MYSTERY ON HORSESHOE DRIVE: SEVENTH DAY ADVERSARIES! Official Description from NBCU: A man is shot and killed while picking up his daughter for a court-ordered visit. Rob Stafford reports.  Watch on Peacock, Season 19, Episode 5 This episode is dedicated to a very special Patreon, Carolyn from Oklahoma! Our very special Patreon of the Corn, err— wheat? We love you, Carolyn, and we would fight for custody for you any day of the week, baby! The easiest way to support our podcast is by shopping with our loyal sponsors and getting some incredible deals! Are you ready to finally start Thriving, and to support a good Cause at the same time? Right now, you can get an exclusive 20% off your first order when you visit! As for products, we recommend… well, everything! But especially the primer sunscreen, the lash extending mascara, and the eye brightening highlighter! But all their products are the best out there! Don’t just Embrace your furry kids, Embrace their health! Don't wait for the unexpected to happen— join the massive community of pet owners who trust Embrace Pet Insurance to protect their pet. Head to and sign up for pet insurance today. Use this link so they know we sent you! It’s been several years, several moves, several lifestyle changes, and Prose Haircare has been with us every step of the way! They change with you and your haircare needs! Take your FREE in-depth hair consultation and get 15% off your first order today! Go to!  Find out why Béis has over 30k five star reviews! Travel in affordable style and class like us with our gorgeous Béis bags! Right now, BÉIS is offering our listeners 15% off your first purchase by visiting! Makes an unforgettable gift for someone special! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit