Twisted S.22 Ep.52

A Date With Dateline

20-07-2023 • 1時間 36分

Cue the flying cows because it’s time for TWISTED, a classic Dateline from Season 22 (watch on Peacock!)! This story has a whole bunch of outlandish plots, like a revengeful dentist, two creepy ex-husbands, and mentee with an angry pink spiral notebook. All that, plus… Montel Williams? Dennis Murphy, our favorite gumshoe is explaining all the twists and turns with his own brand of special phrasing and his hot seat questions and quibbling. Prepare yourselves for Kimberly’s terrible Australian accent, and get ready to play a giant game of Two Truths and a Lie, but where everything might be a lie and the result is a simmering crockpot of murder. Official Description from NBCU: When an Iowa woman is attacked while home alone with her three children, the confrontation turns deadly. Dennis Murphy reports. Patroni/ Superstars! Join us for our livestream this Sunday at 1pm PST!  An easy way to support the podcast is to get some summer deals from our sponsors! Suns out, buns out! (We mean buns as in bread, let’s eat all the bread) Travel in style with BÉIS! BÉIS is offering our listeners 15% off your first purchase by visiting! You will fall in love with the Weekender Bag! You can fit anything in it to go on the run! We’re collecting as many goodr sunglasses as we can for the summer! Send use pictures of your favorites! Goodr offers a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee and 100% Satisfaction. Find your pair at DATEDATELINE and use code DATEDATELINE to get FREE shipping! Ready for your summer glow up? It’s Thrive Time! Right now, you can get an exclusive 20% off your first order when you visit! What’s your favorite product? We love the sunscreen primer! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit