Deadly Twist -Part 2 S.23 Ep.30

A Date With Dateline

27-09-2023 • 1時間 20分

It's a Dateline episode with so many twists (of the deadly kind) and turns that we need two episodes to cover it completely! Kimberly and Katie will be leaning on Keith Morrison as a guide to the windy Georgia mountain roads where we are headed in the second half of this DEADLY TWIST coverage. The banjos are plucking and a fire is ablaze on a hillside to cover the second murder in this story! But, be sure to listen to ADWD's Part 1 coverage of this case before you embark on this part of the journey. We are headed into a trial filled with wild courtroom antics and accusation's of multiple murders by the Katana wielding hand of one California pharmaceutical rep. Is he confused, completely conniving or just a total con artist? Get that bucket hat back out and prepare to watch two women's memories be avenged by the prosecution in the conclusion of DEADLY TWIST: PART 2: Samurai of the Storm! Official Description from NBCU: The murder of a California mother beloved by four men reopens a mystery surrounding another young woman's death that occurred decades earlier. Keith Morrison reports.  Support A Date with Dateline by checking out our fabulous sponsors! Don't wait for the unexpected to happen, join the massive community of pet owners who trust Embrace Pet Insurance to protect their pet. Head to and sign up for pet insurance today! Want gorgeous hair? We all do. Prose is the made to order haircare with your name all over it! Take your FREE hair consultation and get 15% off your subscription PLUS $20 off your first subscription order at! Go to and use promo code DATEDATELINE you’ll receive 20% off plus free shipping. Treat nausea and plan it before it hits in a drug free way!    The sooner you start investing, the more chance your money has to grow over time. From acorns mighty oaks do grow! That’s where the name comes from! Head to to download Acorns to start saving and investing for your future today!  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit