Phrogging: Hider in My House S.1 Ep.1a - SECRET SURGEON

A Date With Dateline

26-07-2023 • 57分

It’s time to get PHROGGING! With very few new Dateline episodes this summer, we’re diving into the walls, attics, and crawl spaces of your homes to discover who’s hiding in there! This is a phenomenon known as phrogging. A horrifying crime first explained to us by the man who knows everything weird about true crime, Sir Josh Mankiewicz! So we are hopping into Lifetime's new series Phrogging: Hider in my House. In episode one, Bump in the Night Part 1 -Secret Surgeon, we learn about a Hawaiian phrog secretly living in a young family’s home and planning some truly devious things. So get ready to jump out of your seats with the first installment of PHROGGING: HIDER IN MY HOUSE aka Nip/Phrog!  We are so excited to be sponsored by Babbel! Start learning a new language today and you’ll be watching French true crime without subtitles in no time! Get 55% off at Rules and restrictions may apply. Babbel, gracias por patrocinar A Date With Dateline! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit