Special Double Date with I THINK NOT Podcast: Phrogging S.1 Ep.5 Creepy Crawlers

A Date With Dateline

11-11-2023 • 50分

Kimberly and Katie have stepped out on a Double Date from Dateline with the hilarious Ellyn and Joey from the I THINK NOT Podcast! Topic of the night... what else? Phrogging. Specifically the Phrogging: Hider in my House episode CREEPY CRAWLERS (S.1 Ep.5). It's a tale of two Tims: one Portland beer connoisseur, one Oklahoma oil baron and the men who phrogg them. There is also an epic closet tour, a cat in a sweater and nerve-wracking bathroom situation. Please be warned, not only will we be discussing people living in the walls of your house without you knowing, this is also a more adult conversation. This is a late night Double Date with Dateline... the kind where you put the kids to bed, find the old bottle of Malibu Rum you forgot about and make a night of it! A big thank you to Ellyn and Joey for the laughs, songs and a Double Date for the ages. We hope they call us for a second! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices