The Footprint at the Lake S.32 Ep.5

A Date With Dateline

02-11-2023 • 1時間 27分

It's time for Dateline's one and only Andrea Canning to take you on a wild ride in Olney, Texas, where not Olney the crime is bigger. The hats are bigger too. So are the convenience stores, and we’re Allsups and ready for them. When a beloved teacher is attacked and taken from her home in the middle of the night, how did the other three people in the house not hear a thing? Where is she? Who took her? Why do the Texas Rangers even bother having cameras? Can Andrea get to the bottom of this case and its twists and turns in an exclusive prison interview? Join us for THE FOOTPRINT AT THE LAKE to find out! Official Description from NBCU: A small Texas town is shattered when a beloved teacher vanishes from her home in the middle of the night; a gruesome discovery made a short time later leaves investigators with more questions than answers. Andrea Canning reports. By shopping with our sponsors, you’re supporting our show and getting some great deals! Is the news stressing you out? For non-stressful and unbiased news in 10 minutes a day, go to or search for the podcast The Newsworthy in Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you listen to podcasts. Good sleep can be learned, with Hatch! Right now, Hatch is offering our listeners $20 off your purchase of a Hatch Restore and free shipping at!  Thrive Causemetics is luxury beauty that gives back. Right now, you can get an exclusive 20% off your first order at! Get tight-lining!  Get quality wines and support independent winemakers by heading to and click ‘Enter Voucher’ in the top right when you get to the website, and enter DATEDATELINE for both the code AND password to get 6 bottles of wine for JUST $39.99 with shipping included. What a deal! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit