The Case of the Man With No Name S.32 Ep.11

A Date With Dateline

09-11-2023 • 1時間 27分

Dateline’s THE CASE OF THE MAN WITH NO NAME has everything: a cowboy detective, a prairie poltergeist, and a literal garbage person. But that’s not all! There is also a mysterious litterbug, a made-up glass company, and a runaway rickshaw... Ok maybe not that last thing, but it's truly a case with so many oooooodd details there is only one man who can tell us the story! That's right. Canadian national hero Keith Morrison is taking us on a manhunt across all of North America! So zip up your fleece adventure-wear vest and enjoy this very special recap from A DATE WITH DATELINE: Tuk,Tuk...MOOSE! Official Description from NBCU: The investigation into the mysterious disappearance of a Canadian man sparks an international manhunt for an elusive killer with multiple false identities. Keith Morrison reports.  This episode is dedicated to two Patroni who are coming at us on the drive into work on the ones and twos, KERRY D AND DALLAS R! You are at the top of our charts every week for your support of the podcast! Thank you so much! An easy way to support ADWD is by getting some amazing deals from our generous sponsors! Discover your inner detective when you download June’s Journey for free today on IOS  and Android! What chapter are you on? Which location is your favorite?  Do you suffer from nausea or does a loved one? Right now, Reliefband is running their biggest sale of the year for Black Friday, so head over to to receive 20% off your purchase plus free shipping. They have over 100k satisfied customers! Prose is the custom, made to order haircare with your name all over it! Take your free in-depth hair consultation and get 50% off your first subscription order today plus 15% off and free shipping every subscription order after that!  Give the gift of coziness this holiday season with Bombas! Go to and use code datedateline for 20% off your first purchase! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit