Secrets in Pleasant Prairie S.32 Ep.4

A Date With Dateline

18-10-2023 • 1時間 25分

In its time honored tradition of giving us episodes with “secrets” in the title, Dateline has provided us with a Thursday night doozy of a case, SECRETS IN PLEASANT PRAIRIE! Andrea Canning walks us through the untimely murder of a mom and wife in Wisconsin, who's husband found himself in a real jam. This episode really has it all, 90s hair fashion that made Kimberly & Katie very delighted, inappropriate sex photos that made K & K very uncomfortable, and a plunger in the bathtub that made K & K very confused. So, quit sorting those librarian shells and please enjoy this very special coverage from A DATE WITH DATELINE: Jenson- You Just Got Jammed! Official Description from NBCU: An investigation into the poisoning of Wisconsin mother-of-two Julie Jensen takes a surprising turn when detectives learn that she wrote a letter days before her death pointing to a possible suspect. Andrea Canning reports. This episode is dedicated to two very special Patroni Eve K.B. And Cheryl B.S. Two ladies so special that one last name won’t do it! We have some more letters for you! WE LUV U 4EVA! Thank you so much for supporting the podcast! Check out our amazing sponsors and get some great fantastic fall deals! Who wants to trash talk dumb criminals and reality tv stars in another language with Kimber? Angela está loca y repugnate! Get 55% off your Babbel subscription - but only for our listeners - at! Let’s improve our minds in 10 minutes a day! Reliefband is a true lifesaver! It helps with a stomach churning from foods, medication, anxiety, headaches, and terrible facial hair on Dateline. Go to and use promo code DATEDATELINE for 20% off plus free shipping. Makes a great gift for someone going through chemotherapy too! Sometimes the embracing on Dateline is gross and makes us uncomfortable. But not when it’s you embracing your furry family and prioritizing their health! Don’t wait for the unexpected to happen— join the massive community of pet owners who trust Embrace Pet Insurance to protect their pet. Head to and sign up for pet insurance today! Mix up your routine this fall with a delicious wellness beverage (that you made yourself!) and make that time of the month and little less of a HUGE PAIN! Check out and use code DATEDATELINE for an additional $5 off your first purchase! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit