165 - Holy Hell (2015)

Garbage Town: The Movie Review Podcast

19-09-2019 • 2時間 25分

We’re going after our first independent film, because Ryan has volunteered his own! That’s right, Allan Cooke and Adam McNamara are joining Tyler and Tom to review “Holy Hell (2015)”! Our hosts agree that this movie Is definitely worth purchasing from holyhell.ca, we discuss jokes that don’t age well between 2013 (when the movie was shot) and 2019 (now that the film’s been released), and Ryan gives us the answer to every question he can that won’t ruin his career! Give us a listen and find out if you should save yourself the cost of a purchase! SPOILERS: It’s totally worth purchasing at holyhell.ca! Also, check out our Patreon for exclusive behind-the-scenes content at patreon.com/dumbdumbdice! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices