S8 E41: Joe Nocera, Tracy K. Smith, and Lesley-Ann Noel

This Is the Author

14-11-2023 • 21分

In this episode, meet journalist Joe Nocera, poet and educator Tracy K. Smith, and Assistant Professor of Design Studies Lesley-Ann Noel. Tune in to hear about each of these authors’ experiences in the recording booth, and what they hope listeners will learn from their audiobooks. The Big Fail by Joe Nocera and Bethany McLean: https://www.penguinrandomhouse.com/books/670529/the-big-fail-by-joe-nocera-and-bethany-mclean/audio To Free the Captives by Tracy K. Smith: https://www.penguinrandomhouse.com/books/706866/to-free-the-captives-by-tracy-k-smith/audio Design Social Change by Lesley-Ann Noel and Stanford d.school: https://www.penguinrandomhouse.com/books/623527/design-social-change-by-lesley-ann-noel-and-stanford-dschool/audio