Turning Historical Events into Movies

An Oscar For Arnold

02-08-2022 • 39分

Witness the birth of a new movie experience: The John F. Kennedy Cinematic Universe. Sonny and Tom sit down to discuss how they could turn historical events into movies. They'll discuss different events and what the plot of their respective movies would be, while also casting the movies with notable actors such as James Marsden and Luis Guzman. Join the boys as they make movies out of events such as the Unabomber's acts of terrorism ("Unabomber"), the Nazis doing meth in World War II ("Meth Nazis"), and the Soviets sending dogs into space ("Please Forgive Us"). Your mind will be blown when you find out how most of these movies tie into the JFKCU. We're coming for you, Kevin Feige.

Today's edition of Arnold in a Famous Role sees Sonny and Tom imagining Arnold Schwarzenegger in F. Murray Abraham's Oscar-winning role as Antonio Salieri in "Amadeus" (1984). Salieri may not be Austrian, but the boys have confidence in Arnold's Italian accent. Or at least his vaguely British accent that the actors in American movies do when there's a story that takes place in Europe.

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