Trailblazers x Lil Nas X

Maya's Music Motive

08-11-2021 • 26分

Hello everyone!! Welcome to the debut episode of Maya's Music Motive! This show is hosted by yours truly aka Maya Abrams, and this episode will include a general introduction of myself and the podcast's overarching orientation and goals. I also shed some light on how the show will generally flow followed by the general 'Motive' system. *PSA forgive any awkward wording or pauses I promise I will improve!*

Our first Motive for the podcast features one of the biggest entertainers to hit everyone's airwaves in recent years, Lil Nas X! I take some time to highlight his career so far, the recent success with album release, Montero, and how he's already laying the foundation for a permanent change of how black/brown LGBTQ+ artists are celebrated in mainstream hip-hop & pop music.

I am so excited to finally share this with the world and thank you so much for listening. If you enjoy, please share with your friends!

Stay Groovy Always!

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