Hey Mr. VJ x The Art of the Music Video

Maya's Music Motive

22-11-2021 • 41分

Hello everyone! Welcome to the 2nd episode of Maya's Music Motive! First, thank you so much for all the love and support towards MMM's debut. It is so heartwarming to know how many people support me as not just a show creator, but also as a young woman shedding light on her biggest passion. I am forever grateful for the continuous love of the Motive!

Alright, now that I have my mushy part out the way let me introduce the show's first official guest! Nicholas Peta is a creative triple threat, working in photography, music, and creative directing/marketing from Syracuse, NY. I had the honor of working with him on the show's launch visuals, along with several other projects, and I am so honored to have him on the show. Please follow Nick on all social media to share how incredible his point of view was on this topic!

Episode Two will cover music videos' impact on the industry, after the altering rise of MTV and the Video Music Awards in the eighties. Nick and I also spend time discussing our favorite music videos/moments from the VMAS over the years, along with explaining why we continue to celebrate visual interpretations of music as time (and media consumption) progress.

Thank you a million for listening! Please, keep sharing with your friends and don't forget to subscribe/follow/rate the show!

Stay Groovy Always!

Nick's Social Media: IG: @stupid.nick | Twitter: @diaryofarhombus | Tiktok: @stupidnick__

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Show Creator: Maya Abrams

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