Mentally A Badass

Justine Rodes

Welcome to the Mentally Badass Podcast, where we fearlessly tackle the stigmas and misconceptions surrounding mental health. Join us as we dive deep into the uncomfortable and often unspoken aspects of the human mind, offering a safe and supportive space for open conversations. Each episode, we bring you inspiring and thought-provoking discussions with individuals from diverse backgrounds. We explore the unique challenges they have faced on their mental health journeys. Through their stories, we aim to foster understanding, compassion, and connection. In this podcast, we challenge the boundaries of the mental health conversation. We dismantle stereotypes and dismantle societal expectations, as we believe that true strength lies in vulnerability. Our guests share their triumphs and setbacks, offering valuable insights into navigating life with mental illness. Whether you’re personally affected by mental health issues or simply curious about the human experience, this podcast is for you. We provide a platform for learning, growth, and self-discovery, fostering a community that understands and supports one another. Join us on this empowering journey as we redefine the way society perceives those who grapple with mental health challenges. Together, we can break down barriers, inspire change, and champion the notion that being mentally badass means embracing our struggles, embracing our stories, and embracing our own unique journeys. read less
From Darkness to Light: Josh Rose’s Journey of Healing, Spiritual Awakening, and Conquering Trauma
From Darkness to Light: Josh Rose’s Journey of Healing, Spiritual Awakening, and Conquering Trauma
Josh Rose is a Transformational Health Coach, Trauma Informed Plant Medicine Facilitator, and Somatic Breathwork Practitioner. Josh's journey began over a decade ago when he found himself trapped in a cycle of depression, anxiety, PTSD, fibromyalgia, and IBS. He was in chronic pain, battling addictions, and struggling with eating disorders. Frustrated by the limitations of the Western healthcare system, Josh embarked on a quest for natural healing methods that would lead him to profound transformations. Through deep introspection and the study of psychedelics, plant medicines, mindfulness, shadow work, biohacking, somatic healing, breathwork, spirituality, and more, Josh managed to heal all of his diagnosed chronic conditions within just six months. Empowered by his personal triumph, he became a certified personal trainer and holistic lifestyle coach, dedicating his life to supporting others on their own transformative journeys. Over the past decade, Josh has touched the lives of over a thousand individuals through his coaching, retreats, and transformative programs. His expertise as a trauma-informed facilitator and transformational coach has been instrumental in guiding others toward their own healing and empowerment. Located in Orlando, Florida, Josh collaborates closely with his wife, Shoval, as they co-host ceremonies, retreats, and programs that facilitate profound personal growth and self-discovery. In this podcast episode, we will dive deep into the wisdom and experiences Josh has gained throughout his journey. We'll explore topics such as holistic healing, overcoming trauma, the power of plant medicines, somatic breathwork, and much more. Whether you're seeking personal growth, struggling with anxiety or addiction, or simply curious about the transformative potential within all of us, this podcast episode is for you. Follow us on Instagram: @mentallyabadass Read our Blog: Follow Josh: @itsjoshrose