NYC Parks Covid Oral History

NYC Parks

In 2022, NYC Parks embarked on an oral history project to capture stories from more than 100 Parks employees about their experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic. COVID-19 changed New Yorkers’ relationship with open space. This project aims to capture and preserve for the historical record this important slice of Parks history. The interviews captured what they did, saw, thought, learned, and hoped for as New Yorkers, public servants, and lovers and stewards of parks and open spaces. The interviews are raw, sincere, insightful, personal, painful, and funny—as unique as each person who participated in this project. Participants span entry level staff to the Commissioner. The stories represent every corner of the Agency. The podcast is produced by the NYC Parks Media Education Lab at McCarren Park Play Center in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The hosts are Diana Baker, senior media education associate, and Kevin C. Fitzpatrick, author and project director. Eghosa R. Ogboe: Producer/Editor. read less