Episode 6: So My Friend….. How are you, Really?


21-03-2023 • 1時間 51分

In this episode L&M discuss the waxing and waning of living with SPS, but more so your hosts are raw and open as they share the trying few weeks of health challenges and chronic fatigue which left both feeling rather shaken; physically, emotionally and psychologically. By diving a little more in-depth with a longer podcast (don’t forget you can stop and restart as you feel able) L&M touch upon how they have both coped and tried to revive and use multiple methods of self-care in an attempt to reestablish and regain some strength and focus. This is life with SPS, unscripted, an incredibly honest and soul baring episode.Please find us a n FB SPS UNSCRIPTED PODCAST / Instagram @spsunscriptedpodcast1Please see our recent social media posts asking you to join us as a collective voice representing SPS