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8 Etsy Update You Need to Know
8 Etsy Update You Need to Know
Today I'm highlighting 8 Etsy updates that you need to know about in 2023! All the links and timelines are listed below! This Episode is sponsored by Canapy. Start your forever-free account now at  Learn about my Etsy Course:  Making Offers [1:20] People can now make offers on your products! This is OPTIONAL. Links:  Emojis [3:05]  Idk how new this is, honestly! But I'm adding it to my listings. Here's a link to one of my listings so you can see how I am using emojis!  The Etsy Seller App + Its Explore Feature [4:37] Etsy Seller App:  Explore Feature:  Etsy Picks [8:47] Not a 2023 update but something to note! Link: Registry [10:22] how to use Link:  What it looks like!   New Listings Edit View [11:44] You should see a new listing view when you go to edit + add listings!  Link:  USPS Ground AdvantageTM [15:00] info Link:  Suspending Shops & Overdue Orders [18:13]:  Free Etsy Facebook Group:  See all updates: