ESCAPE TO BLISS ISLAND: Eric Lochtefeld, on road to becoming a billionaire, explains why he quit California, purchased Bliss Island, Hawaii as a retreat for entreprenuers & artists seeking purpose


28-11-2020 • 1時間 26分

Leaving The Billionaire Monster Behind: Many want to be rich and successful but is there a point where it gets to be too toxic? What type of person can you become on the path to building a billion dollar empire? According to one entrepreneurial expert, Eric Lochtefeld, it can make you into a monster.

Lochtefeld, co-author of The Purpose Code, is a massively successful investor and developer that has seen firsthand how most accomplished business owners are dissatisfied and unfulfilled despite their achievements. Eric established 20+ entities exceeding $250 million in revenue before deciding to start over and reinvent himself. In this episode, we talk about the blessings and curse of wealth if you let it get to you! How Domino's Pizza founder, Tom Monahan, a devout Catholic and champion of family values, turned his life around after reading C. S. Lewis' account on pride from Mere Christianity, Monaghan then shed his life of ostentation and the trappings of massive wealth to devote his life to Catholic causes including the establishment of Ave Maria University in Florida,

Eric himself has witnessed what he calls “the billionaire monster” and today confesses:

  • Why he decided to turn back from the threshold of becoming a billionaire
  • What kind of monster was he going to become if he kept climbing the skyscraper
  • The  view from the top when everyone sees you as either a rival or a paycheck
  • The  toll on all the other aspects of a person’s life when working at that level
  • How  he instead chose to unlock his true purpose and still obtained  financial success

Eric says he has since revolutionized the coaching and personal development industries. Using his extensive experience and extraordinary integrity, he helps other entrepreneurs realize their life's visions, while continuing to build wealth along the way.

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