Ep.008 Dr. Cheryl Koelling | Spinal Solutions & Stretch Lab | We All Need Some TLC!

The Orange Shoe Podcast

18-06-2021 • 54分

Welcome to episode 8 of the Orange Shoe podcast! Today I introduce you to Dr. Cheryl Koelling owner of Spinal Solutions in Waunakee, WI.

Cheryl is a great chiropractor that found out quickly that she wanted to spend more time with her clients. After being a part of a practice where she would see 50-90 clients a day she didn't feel like she had adequate time to spend with her clients to get to the root cause of their issues. This led her to open up Spinal Solutions and drastically cut down her daily client flow but 10x the amount of time she got to spend with each client.

The result......clients that feel like a million bucks!

You can find her at www.spinalsolutionsmadison.com

Instagram @spinalsolutionsmadison

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