8: Reviving India’s Covid-hit economy | Part-2

Mint Road to Recovery

12-01-2021 • 38分

Montek Singh Ahluwalia (Former Dy. Chairman of the erstwhile Planning Commission of India), Dr. Shankar Acharya (Former Chief Economic Advisor, GOI) and Sajjid Z. Chinoy (Chief India Economist, JP Morgan) take on the single biggest issue that confronts the country: What we must do to revive our Covid-crunched economy. There are some prickly policy matters we must urgently address, such as our fiscal response to the current economic crisis, what it implies to the government’s budgeting, and whether our legal restrictions on fiscal deficits need revision—or even outright rejection. There is no escape from tough calls at this crucial juncture of the Indian economy’s emergence story, and what stance policymakers adopt could shape our economic prospects for years to come. Tune into this episode for more.