Episode 45 - Dream Theater‘s The Astonishing (The backstory of my Novelization of The Astonishing, concept art discussion, scenes from the book, full album analysis and breakdown)

Breaking Absolutes

16-11-2021 • 7時間 14分

When Dream Theater wrote their epic double CD concept album, I got the chance to embellish its story and write a full novel to do so. Here I've gone into an epic deep dive of: how I got the job working with John Petrucci and writing the novel; a discussion of the art and design and map and other conceptual visuals; the relating of certain scenes only in the book, which give helpful context for the record experience; and a full album track-by-track listen in which I share insights to the music and story, as well as helpful context to layer on added meaning to the album. This is a long show, meant for hardcore DT fans, musicians who may want to see a blueprint for how to put together an expansive and immersive concept album, or those just interested in how I approached the task of breathing life into a world at such scale.

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Breaking Absolutes is new a hard rock and heavy metal interview show launching as a premiere partner on Twitch this April. More than simply a platform for artists to share their upcoming release, Breaking Absolutes endeavors to peel back the stereotypes and go deeper on the musicianship, the value, and the innovative and broad-reaching emotional appeal of hard rock and heavy metal. Show creators intend Breaking Absolutes to help lead a revival in the interest and consumption of the genre.

Show host, Peter Orullian, is a music industry veteran, having spent years working with major labels and artists to showcase their music across multiple networks and platforms. Some of this work was done with the Xbox platform and brand, where Orullian drove visibility for artists to the gaming demographic. Orullian has also been an international touring vocalist, in addition to recording efforts as a writer and producer for his own music. This enables Orullian to speak with authenticity to working musicians. Orullian is also a veteran interviewer across multiple artist mediums, and is known for insightful and entertaining discussion that builds desire and interest for those with whom he speaks.