Episode 52 - Dream Theater’s Images & Words Full Breakdown & Analysis for the 30th Anniversary

Breaking Absolutes

15-07-2022 • 3時間

Join me as a do a thorough breakdown and analysis of Dream Theater's 1992 breakout album Images and Words. This is a companion video to my 30th anniversary of Images & Words interview with John Petrucci of the band, and the interview I had with James LaBrie (Dream Theater vocalist) on the same topic.

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This is a analysis and reaction video, with some journalistic research, intended to raise awareness about the album and comment upon it. The music in the video is only from the Dream Theater album Images & Words (other than my own opening/closing bumper, which I wrote); and the music of Images & Words--"Pull Me Under," "Another Day," "Take the Time," "Surrounded," Metropolis Pt. 1," "Under a Glass Moon," "Wait for Sleep," and "Learning to Live," is owned and copyrighted by the band and their business associates.