19. Elucid, StapleMouth, plus Kounterclockwise

Extraordinary Rap Podcast

09-08-2022 • 2時間 19分

In this gargantuan episode, Weird Rap Podcast brings you interviews with E L U C I D and StapleMouth, music recommendations, the debut of The Great Adventures Of Kounterclockwise radio play series, and more!

Music recommendations:
Infinity Knives & Brian Ennals - King Cobra
Clipping - CLBBNG
jOHNNY23 - No Scope
Infinite Livez - First They Came For The Programmers
Andrew Mbaruk - Unclassified
StapleMouth & Th' Mole - Estuary

Enigmatic Hawaiian MC StapleMouth emerges to detail his unique approach to music, also covering the islands' little-known but exceptional experimental rap scene, the Proliteariots collective, and much more.

E L U C I D of Armand Hammer, currently standing as a pillar in the alt-rap scene, recounts his upbringing and early life experiences, and reflects on his current success and critical reception.  We also probe into his artistic intentions and approaches to writing, vocalizing, and production.

We respond to some recent listener pushback.  (Let us know your thoughts at weirdrap3000@gmail.com.)

We recommend the new Myka 9 book, My Kaleidoscope.

And finally, Deacon Burns presents the first in his satirical rap radioplay series, The Great Adventures Of Kounterclockwise.

Check out our bonus episode for more time with StapleMouth and E L U C I D as well as an entire 22 tracks of rare StapleMouth music, in addition to our past bonus material, for just $3 at http://patreon.com/weirdrap.

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