25. Mars Kumari, Volume 10

Extraordinary Rap Podcast

18-04-2023 • 1時間 4分

In this episode of Weird Rap Podcast, we're joined by Mars Kumari and Volume 10.

Mars Kumari (aka Bruiser Marcy), member of Deadverse and Bruiser Brigade, has been bridging the gap between ambient noise and rap, making a stir in the last couple years as her work has been embraced by the likes of JUNE!, Dälek, and Danny Brown.  Meanwhile she's released several solo instrumental albums heralded by avant-garde electronic listeners and hip hoppers alike.  We discuss her artistic approach and music as therapy, plus she shares some exclusive tracks.

Volume 10 (of Goodlife, Project Blowed, etc.) returns once again to share his thoughts on the new Backwoodz compilation, High Bias.  He also talks about almost retiring, the tepid response to his most recent album 'Volume 10 As Dean Hawkins,' and more.

In the bonus episode, many recent music releases are discussed including some by Machine Girl, Andrew Mbaruk, DJ Smiley Bobby, Buck 65, DJ Sega, Kohai the Wonderguy, Rahim Salaam, Moor Mother, Quelle Chris, Grill Billyenz, william crooks, Pan Amsterdam, Yung Morpheus, Lil Kydd!?, Joan Of The Stockyards, 40 Ounces Of Palimpestial Equations (Rammellzee and Part 2), Yole Boys, and First Degree The D.E.  We also report on a recent concert featuring M. Sayyid (of Antipop Consortium), Jel, and Mars Kumari.  And finally, Mars Kumari leaks two exclusive tracks, available to download.  All of this, plus past bonus material is yours for three bucks at http://patreon.com/weirdrap.

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