17. First Degree The DE + Volume 10 & Kool Keith

Extraordinary Rap Podcast

26-05-2022 • 1時間 19分

In this episode of Weird Rap we interview First Degree The D.E., plus Volume 10 joins us for music reviews, and Kool Keith returns with your monthly horoscope reading.

We cover the following:
Quelle Chris: DEATHFAME
Fatlip & Blu: Live From The End of The World, Vol. 1 Demos
Kendrick Lamar: Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers
Chief & TheDoomsdayDevice: Flux Populi
Phelimuncasi: Ama Gogela
themselves: Crowns Down & Company

First Degree The D.E., hailing from Sacramento, has one of the most strangely unique voices, sonically and lyrically, in rap, with beautiful self-composed production.  Clearly a smart and prolific dude, he's been a math teacher, orchestrated a gang truce, written a book, directed films, runs a record label and news service, and has led various community organizing efforts, while continuing to progress and remain unpredictable as a musician for nearly 30 years now.  His new album, The Backman, features the artist at the peak of his craft.

While musicologists agree that much of the Los Angeles underground's quick-paced "chop" style can be traced back to Myka 9 of Freestyle Fellowship, Volume 10 can be credited with the chop's antithesis: the "stretch".  The exaggerated swing collides with the speed-rap to form an infectious brew of opposites that spread like wildfire after 10's "Pistolgrip-Pump" hit the charts in '94.

Kool Keith might be considered the godfather of weird rap music, having introduced his wildly unorthodox take on hip hop in the late 80s with Ultramagnetic MC's, further developing his bizarre styles and subject matter in the 90s, and continuing to expand his range through today.

This month's bonus episode features additional time with First Degree, plus an amazing behind-the-scenes tale featuring several well-known rappers, as related by Volume 10.  This and much more at patreon.com/weirdrap.

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