20. LoDeck, plus Andrew Mbaruk

Extraordinary Rap Podcast

07-09-2022 • 1時間 35分

In this episode...
LoDeck (of jOHNNY23) shares his epic life story, Andrew Mbaruk interviews himself, The Great Adventures Of Kounterclockwise continues, and we review some recent releases.

Recent Releases:
The Koreatown Oddity: ISTHISFORREAL?
The Koreatown Oddity: Aggro Crag
Myka 9: My Kaleidoscope Interviews
Andrew Mbaruk: Fact and Facticity
Rapscapers "Merry Men Maligned"

LoDeck takes us through the wild ups and downs of his journey as a Belarusian immigrant fleeing the Chernobyl disaster to the hostile slums of Brooklyn, growing into an angry battle MC, experiencing underground notoriety, winding up destitute in Las Vegas, and finally finding peace and stability.  https://lodeck.bandcamp.com

Our bonus episode features extra time with LoDeck as he dishes on some spicy rap beef between himself and Aesop Rock and Lil B.  He also shares an otherwise unavailable track, "North Of Damascus Gate."  This and past bonus episodes featuring Cambatta, Doseone, Mike Ladd, Orko Eloheim, and more, are available for just $3 at http://patreon.com/weirdrap.

Andrew Mbaruk, poet, MC, and author, picks his own brain regarding the form, symbology, and inspirations for his new book, Canadian Unrealism, and he also explores the concept of "foam scholarship."

Finally, The Great Adventures Of Kounterclockwise, a weird rap radio play, continues.

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