21. Rhys Langston, plus Lt Headtrip

Extraordinary Rap Podcast

05-10-2022 • 1時間 38分

In this episode, we speak with Rhys Langston, plus Lt. Headtrip discusses some new music reviews, and Kounterclockwise returns.

Music releases:
black - In All Its Messiness
Rhys Langston - Grapefruit Radio
Cise Greeny, Phiik, & Lungs - WHERE ARE THE BUGS​!​?
Algernon Cornelius - Me No Sen You No Come
Vulture Lung - Musidora's Shroud
billy woods x Messiah Musik - Church

Lt. Headtrip raps and runs the WATKK label: https://wearethekarmakids.bandcamp.com.

Rhys Langston - MC, author, producer, and visual artist - may just be too smart for his own good.  We attempt to humanize and provide some context for understanding his high-minded, poetically abstract, expansive takes on rap music.  Tracking his multicultural roots in Los Angeles and trials as a teenage misfit, following his creative development and industry ups-and-downs, we finally find Rhys embracing his individualism and looking towards further experimentation on his own terms.  http://langstonia.org

Our bonus episode features an additional 20 minutes with Rhys Langston, discussing his artistic intentions, critical acceptance and wider appeal, and more.  This and past exclusive interviews with ELUCID, Sensational, Bigg Jus, Odd Nosdam, Volume 10, and more for just three tiny dollars at http://patreon.com/weirdrap.

Kounterclockwise makes music, animation and more: http://youtube.com/user/kounterclockwise

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