24. Jel, Mr. Yote

Extraordinary Rap Podcast

29-03-2023 • 1時間 30分

In this amazing episode we speak with Jel and Mr. Yote.

Music recs:
Strawberry Shortemper: Bottled Oxygen
Decuma: Let's Play Pretend
Dug Yuck & Babelfishh: Cold Labor
Serengeti: Ajai II
DJ 0.000001: Recombinant Shangaan

Mr. Yote doesn't make rap songs; he has been constructing a rap universe.  Yoteland is a magical, musical world of wizards, goblins, and ghouls.  With his sidekick Yungeth Dre, the producer/MC/graphic artist gives us a glimpse at the methods to his madness.  http://yoteland.bandcamp.com

Jel, beat-maker extraordinaire of Themselves, Subtle, Glass Cutters, etc., has remained one of hip hop's most well-respected producers since the late 90s.  In our discussion he covers his formative years in Chicago to later developments in the Bay Area, sharing tales of his days with the Anticon collective, overcoming creative stagnation, and he announces some exciting future projects.  https://jelsmusic.bandcamp.com

In the bonus episode we spend an additional half-hour with Jel, your host shares some dicey thoughts and personal stuff, and we've got a slew of additional music recommendations including Raiden X, Algernon Cornelius, Seina Sleep, JUNE!, Celestaphone, Blue Lanternz, Nosaj & Steel Tipped Dove, Robcrooks, Ugggy, Mestizo, Another Planet, and Nappy Nina.  For $3 get this hour-and-a-half-long episode plus all our past bonus episodes including exclusive interviews with Doseone, Pedestrian, Mike Ladd, Billy Woods, and many more, at http://patreon.com/weirdrap.

The continuing Great Adventures Of Kounterclockwise is brought to you by MC/producer/screenwriter Deacon Burns.  https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLZPnW-PHzA7W_-uaCzZOr-gO-k65pJXbt

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